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I will ruin you absolutely, taking you for everything that you are worth and more.

MissBlackMail – I’ve been hoping you, you lil’ dork. I’m anxious to own your mind, soul, pouch and spear, to see how good of a subordinated could be. I want you to realize that here you’re nothing that you used to be before, here I am in command and only I can tell you who you are and what you should do. You ought to respect each of my word so that you’d be permitted to feel the boundless pleasure.

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… I am fishing.. I am hunting…and I like to play games :).. with submissive guys, oh yes! I enjoy it! xx

BLACKSABATH – Another day in paradise… but, just reminisce, we are on biz, at times biz can be delight,hmm? Hey, these feet is downright worth the 50 bucks! I mean, there is indeed magic in the magic toes and you are liking this way too much. And not only.. so many surprises… surprises… surprises… surprises. Or not :). Who knows?!

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